Monday, September 18, 2006


Ali looked up sharply from her bag: “Listen if you’re gonna keep on about this, is there much point in us going out tonight? You’re obviously still fuming about what I said.”
“Who says I’m still fuming?”
“I can see it in your face, Carl! I’m fed up of this - ” Ali paused, as she turned the key in the lock and pushed the door open – “If we’re always gonna argue about stupid –“
“I’d hardly call it stupid…” muttered Carl indignantly.
“Un-im-por-tant things like this then is there really any point?” hissed Ali.
They walked into the house in stony silence. Carl knew Ali was right - he was livid. But as he watched her hang up her coat and then bend over to pick up the post, Carl felt a familiar tightening in his groin. Seeing she was about to walk off, Carl grabbed Ali roughly by the wrist sending the post slithering along the floor ; he pushed her against the door. He heard Ali half-heartedly tell him to “let go” but chose instead to smother her weak words with kisses - clumsy wet kisses on her mouth that sucked her breath away. Soon he felt her pulling his shirt from out of his jeans and undoing his belt. With trembling fingers he pulled her top down to her waist and unhooked her bra, sucking her neck as he did so. Her chest rose and fell heavily as he cupped one of her breasts with his hand, and locked his lips around it. Soon he felt her undo his zip, slide her hand inside and pull out his cock. He watched on as her hand steadily pumped up and down his cock…Now he was ready.

Gently brushing her hand away, he pushed up her skirt, ran his long fingers against her underwear and slipped them inside ; he fingered her - she was so wet. Quickly, Carl slid Ali’s thong to one side and, holding one of her legs against his waist, slid inside and fucked her until he let go ; the cum silently dribbled down her leg…

Spring 2006

Two’s a Company…

It’s 8.30pm and I’ve been pacing the floor for what feels like hours. Slurping down my third glass of wine, I will soon be in need of another. Maybe if I get too drunk I won’t have to go through with it – look at my fingers: they’re trembling…

See, Alex - my boyfriend - has been interested in some girl at work called Jenna for ages, and it was him who came up with the bright idea of having a threesome. As you can probably tell, I’m feeling sceptical about the whole thing and have been since he first suggested it. I mean, we do have an open relationship, but neither of us has actually been there, you know, watching the other person being intimate with someone else. And anyway, what would he say if I proposed we had sex with another guy? He’d have more than a few choice words to say, that’s for sure! It’s just… I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see him fucking someone else, “that’s all”; I thought the situation would be too weird. And as for lesbian sex! Well, let’s just say that it’s one of the few things I’ve never tried before. Granted, I've had the odd drunken snog with close female friends in the past, but the whole lickey‑lickey thing? I’ve just never gone there. Guess I was a bit scared, and I still am. Not of sleeping with another woman, of course I regularly fantasise about having sex with other women. But of not being able to please her. What if she thought I was useless at it, no good? Though I must admit, I am really rather fascinated by breasts…
Alex has, however, reassured me that Jenna’s feeling just as nervous about the whole thing. Guess there’s no use worrying about it. With any luck she’ll change her mind and won’t show up!

Look at him. Alex. Lying on the couch, looking so cool and relaxed (and not to mention unashamedly smug) about the whole thing. And looking very sexy too, as he idly raises an arm and rests his beautiful head against it. Even after six years my stomach still knots at the sight of the toned stomach muscles rippling under that firm creamy-white flesh, and the strip of tiny dark brown hairs leading towards his groin area.
And then there’s the flashbacks. Of last night. Of him lying in a similar position, eyes closed, relaxed, as he listened to music. I walked over to him then, and affectionately nuzzled just below his navel. Know how much he loves that. His deepening sighs told me so. The way he ran his fingers through my hair and pressed my mouth to his groin told me so. So I slowly undid his zipper to release him. He was getting ready for me. Hard, and still growing. I began to suck very gently…
“I think she’s here, babe!”
The doorbell's just gone. Typically, it's up to me to answer the door. Okay, here goes…what am I going to say? -
"Jenna? Hi, nice to meet you." That was easy – Oh. My. She's just kissed me on the lips. They’re soft, her lips, very soft…I’d better stop daydreaming and get another wineglass from the kitchen…

She’s gorgeous, yet not what I was expecting at all. Alex is usually attracted to lightly tanned girls, with striking blue eyes and long dark hair he can run his fingers through. He also tends to go for very petite, feminine girls. I’m an exception. And clearly, so’s Jenna. She has short, spiked hair, which is streaked with red highlights, is quite tall - about 5ft 10”?, and her smooth skin is dark chocolate. Tomboyish, that would be the best way to describe her. Sitting up straight with one arm stretched along the back of the couch, she is sipping on her wine slowly and listening intently to myself and Alex as we regale her with stories from our long and pretty eventful past. Her top is blood red, sleeveless and see-through with a high neck, and as the soft glare from the light falls onto the thin material of her top, I can clearly make out her small, firm breasts. How hard her nipples look, straining against that prohibitive red fabric, permanently looking as though they are about to burst through and reveal themselves in full nakedness. A pair of low-slung, elegant black trousers accompany her highly revealing, alluring top.
Very subtle and very sexy.

Already I feel light-headed as the sweet, soothing alcohol permeates my bloodstream and rushes through my veins, nullifying my senses. I feel as though I’m melting away. Weightless. Like I’m floating on a current of sexual desire, receptive to whichever course it wishes to take. My nerves have yielded to a much stronger force which dominates my every thought.
My mind begins to conjure up vivid images of the indecent things I'd like to do to this woman, this evening. I can feel my sexual pulse throbbing and emitting sensual waves of desire below as I imagine wrapping my tongue around those dark nipples and sucking them, feeling them swell in my mouth. Now I see her lying on her back with her legs spread apart while I pleasure her both with my tongue and my fingers. Her swollen organ oozes cum which dribbles down my chin the more I suck on her clit, and I’m licking my lips because she tastes so good…
I’m so wet.

Jenna seems so self-assured, as she turns those almond‑shaped eyes towards me and smiles coquettishly, aware that I am checking her out and clearly enjoying it. I try to look away, but I can’t. There’s something so bewitching about those dark, mysterious eyes that helplessly I’m drawn to her.

And so we continue to stare at one another, feeding the fierce attraction between us, and I know that under that cool, calm exterior rages an insuperable fire fuelled by lust and desire, shooting through her veins and exploding into her every pore. How do I know this? Because it’s happening to me too, right now, beneath the surface of my own skin which sizzles imperceptibly under the heat of her gaze.

“…didn’t we babe?” Alex! I’ve totally been ignoring him and haven’t heard a word he’s said. As I turn my head towards where Alex is sitting and diplomatically ask him to repeat himself, I can see that Jenna hasn’t stopped eyeing me up. I take it she doesn’t do subtlety. Now I’ve caught her staring at my chest. Damn. This is really turning me on. Alex, who is clearly more than aware of the unspoken curiosity fizzing around the room, is still trying to keep the conversation going, with little success. In fact, Jenna and I no longer bother to look at him as he witters on, for this would involve rupturing the precious thread of invisible sexual electricity which passes between her eyes and mine.

Having mumbled something about getting another bottle of wine from the fridge, Alex has just walked out of the room, leaving us alone to stare lasciviously into each other's eyes, silently daring the other to make the first move…


Well, I thought they would get on but I didn't think they'd get on this well! Guess I can't complain really: it was all my idea. And it is going as well as I’d hoped. Just feeling a little left out, that’s all. I do understand that this is new to them, and they need the chance to explore…each other. Can’t get mad at them for leaving me out, it’s not like they’re doing it on purpose. I just wish they’d get on with it, so I can join in and have some fun too…

Jenna really does my head in. We've been work colleagues and close friends for the past two years, and I've wanted to bed her for as long as I've known her. I work as an Occupational Analyst and, as the title suggests, my job involves determining job functions and content, workers traits etc through research, all boring stuff really. But Jenna knows how to brighten up those dreary days at work. Like when she burst into my office one afternoon and, after closing the door, walked straight up to my desk and knocked some papers from the desk onto the floor in front of me. Before I could ask what on earth she was playing at, she bent down with her back to me and picked them up, so I could see that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Then she walks round to where I am sitting behind the desk and sits on my lap facing away from me, and starts to grind herself against me. I watch on as she digs her nails into my knees to stop herself from making any noise. Her light, sensual perfume lingers in the air as I sit there, perfectly still, watching her rub her crotch against my cock which is well stiff by now, and in that moment all I want to do is bend her over and fuck her senseless. But I don't move, I'm enjoying the tension and the teasing. She can feel how much I want her, I don't need to voice that hunger. Then she stops abruptly. Gets up from my lap and, gently pressing her chest against my shoulder whispers, "I'm going to the little girls’ room now to finish myself off…"

As she tottered off, I half wanted to point to the wet patch on my trousers and yell, "Oi! Clear up this mess!," but I thought that may ruin the moment somewhat.
As much as I wanted to follow her into the toilets, I exercised what I believe to be an extraordinary amount of restraint, and stayed exactly where I was…

Unlike the time I had her pinned to a wall in the gents’ at work. It happened following yet another tedious team meeting, which Jenna had made much more interesting by whispering, 'I'm not wearing any knickers…' to me, just before its commencement. (If you are thinking this woman has some kind of aversion to wearing underwear, you wouldn't be wrong). I had to spend the next hour sitting next to her with the largest hard-on ever!

At the end of the meeting, she turned to me and told me to meet her in the gents' up on the third floor - as always she gave the order and I obeyed. I had to leave it a few minutes before joining her so it wasn’t blatantly obvious what we were up to. So I stayed behind with a couple of our colleagues, smiling inanely and pretending to be interested in what they were saying. I didn’t actually say anything during this decidedly dull conversation, lest I should absent-mindedly utter the words ‘cunnilingus’, 'anal intercourse' or any other of the many filthy things that were on my mind.

When five minutes were up (to the second, believe me) I raced out of the office and up to the gents', burst in through the door only to find il capo di tutti cappi aka Geoff Howard, Chief Exec taking a piss in the urinals! I cannot begin to imagine what my face must’ve looked like, for Geoff gave me a quizzical look, before mumbling ‘alright?’, zipping up his trousers and speeding out of the toilets. I just stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to expect next.

Luckily, the door swung open moments later and in flounced Jenna, unbuttoning her shirt to reveal a white see-through bra, which glistened under the light against the velvety darkness of her skin. She looked into my eyes and whispered, "I think we've waited long enough, don't you?" She was standing close enough for me to feel her breath on my face. I tried to kiss her but she pulled away and, taking me by the hand, led me into the nearest cubicle.
"Unzip your pants," she ordered.

My head was spinning as I fought for breath, the sexual tension was stifling. It was as though I could actually hear the throbbing of my dick, like a relentless tribal drumbeat inside my head magnified in the silence. Then again, it may have been my heartbeat. The prospect of sex had never seemed more likely between us and my pulse was racing as, there she was, standing in front of me with her sharp pencil skirt hitched up around her waist to reveal her bare, dusky fanny. I took my trousers off slowly, watching her as she took in the size of my erection.
When my briefs hit the floor I just stood there, towering over her, dick stiff, ready to go, ready to fuck. I watched as she took in every muscle in my body.
"I want you now!" she ordered breathlessly.
I closed my eyes momentarily and thought back to all the times she’d enjoyed teasing and arousing me, only to walk away and leave me unsatisfied. Then I reopened them and looked at her rubbing her swollen clit with a finger.
I was finally beginning to enjoy this.
"Hush, babe, " I replied quietly, "Can't you see I've got a big cock here, just for you?" Jenna’s lips were parted slightly in anticipation; she stopped playing with herself. I leaned in towards her so she would feel my breath on her face. "Do want me to fuck you?" I whispered. She nodded childishly, like a naughty schoolgirl about to receive punishment. "I said, do-you-want-me-to-fuck-you-Jenna?" This time she cried out in the affirmative. Without a second thought I hoisted her up against the wall, wrapping her legs around my waist.

Much to my surprise, Jenna began to tenderly trace the outline of my face. In a voice so small I almost missed it, she said: ‘I want you so bad...’ Gone was the bad-ass woman who so loved to be in control, and in her place was the real Jenna, a pitiful slave to her need for sexual gratification. For the first time, I looked into those big, brown eyes and revealed the truth of my feelings, feelings I’d kept well hidden from myself even. I felt nervous. Scared. Weak. Searching deep into Jenna’s soul, I saw that she felt the same. It was then that our mouths met. We kissed so hard it hurt. Our bodies trembled, aching for penetration. Then, agonisingly, the fire alarm went off.

We froze, totally in shock. My penis however had not, and had continued sliding inside. To tell you the truth, had it been up to me I'd have spent what was potentially my last few moments fucking Jenna Louise Lewis. However, she softly nudged me and I reluctantly dropped my arms and let her down. Controlled Jenna was back now, straightening up her clothes and telling me she’d call to arrange a suitable time to discuss the Turner Project. I watched on helplessly as Jenna turned away from me and walked out…

And the rest is history, suffice to say that even if the world were to come to an end in the next hour or so, I wouldn't give a shit, because I'd be bagging me a piece of Jenna Lewis.

All seems to be going to plan so far…so much so, that I have just walked back into the lounge with a bottle of wine in hand to find Jenna sitting between Jo's legs on the floor as Jo gives her a head massage. As I walk over to the couch that Jenna had occupied earlier on, you know, before she decided to sit between my girlfriend's legs, I notice that they are both smiling at me as though I've missed something very obvious, and suddenly I feel foolish without quite knowing why. Then I feel it: the bulging erection the size of a small country raging in my pants. Made even bigger by the fact that Jo is stroking Jenna's shoulders in ever increasing circles and Jenna, in turn, is tenderly stroking the inside of Jo's thighs with the flat of her hands. I know Jo so well, her arousal is obvious to me. Her pretty eyes are closed, her breathing measured. Every caress she lays on Jenna's skin is a minute release of sexual tension.

Jenna, on the other hand, has not taken her eyes off me since I re-entered the room. I also know Jenna very well, and I can read the look in her eyes. She's silently mocking me, telling me she knows I want to fuck her but that I'm going to have to watch her fuck my girlfriend first…

She’s moaning – Jo has suddenly reached out and begun fondling Jenna’s breasts with one hand while groping her crotch with the other. Still, Jenna looks at me, her pretty lips now making a perfect ‘O’, making me want her so badly I feel like I'm going to explode. Having just flashed a sly smile at me, she is now turning her face towards Jo and is leaning in to kiss her…


Look at him, he can't take his eyes off me. He wants me so bad. Ah, well, shame-shame. He'll just have to wait and watch me fuck his girlfriend first. Jo. She's not the first woman I've ever been attracted to but she's definitely the sexiest, why it has taken Alex two years to come up with the idea of us having a threesome, I’ll never know.

Well, he’s got his wish anyway as, here I am, lying in between Jo's legs. Whilst she caresses me with her delicate hands, her pendulous breasts pressed against my back. From time to time, she gives me a small kiss on my shoulders sending a fiendish shiver down my spine. There's something incredibly tender about another woman’s touch… it’s like experiencing a perfect fusion of lust with affection. Instinctively, she knows how and where to touch me, and her soft lips feel like cool silk on my burning flesh.

She’s so confident and calm too, she may well have done this sort of thing before. I was expecting her to have brown hair, with blue eyes, and to be slim like a lot of the girls I've seen Alex with; but that's not the case with Jo. It was she who came to the door when I arrived at the house this evening and the first thing I noticed were her big, round… amber-coloured eyes: warm and reassuring, and also incredibly sexy.

Next I took in her fair hair nonchalantly scraped back in a loose bun. And then her chest, a magnificent spill of smooth, creamy flesh, firm, round and appetising, and straining against the light material of a delicate strappy top. A delicious contrast. I felt a sharp twinge between my legs the moment I saw her and, believe me, it has not relented during the course of the evening. When she raised her head to greet me, I couldn't help but kiss her on the lips! She looked so taken aback, I thought she’d begun to have second thoughts. Guess I may have misjudged her reaction ever so slightly.

I have to admit that I was feeling incredibly nervous when I first got here but now I’m feeling much more relaxed, especially as she’s gently massaging my back. I can feel my muscles contract and then relax again as her hands slide up my back, along the length of my arms, and then…round to my breasts! She has her fucking hands on my breasts…and now… they're between my legs! This feels so good! Although, I'm not totally sure which is turning me on more: the way she's touching me, or simply the fact that she is touching me, and that it feels like we're doing something wrong. I want to put my lips to hers and taste her. In fact, I will taste her, right now…

This feels strange, and yet good. She's a great kisser. We were only kissing on the lips at first, and tentatively too, as if we were a little unsure of ourselves and of what we were doing. Or at least I was, anyway. Then she slid down from the couch to sit beside me, and took control. She slowly leant in toward me and began to probe my tongue with her own. I of course responded and mirrored her caresses; my entire body was shaking with arousal. Now we’re kissing each other feverishly, our tongues come together, embrace and draw back before surging forward once more. I can't get enough of her, and I kind of get the feeling it's the same for her too. It’s definitely different to kissing a guy, not to mention out and out strange that a pair of firm breasts are pushing against my own, instead of a hard, masculine chest. But it does feel sexy... very, very sexy…


They’re writhing on the floor before me. I watch as Jo kisses Jenna’s lips voraciously, as though she is feeding from her. Jenna often reaches out a hand to feel one of Jo’s breasts which bob powerfully against her own, but Jo won’t let her, and she pushes Jenna’s hand away almost angrily. This is not the first time Jenna has tried to pleasure Jo, but Jo wants to be in control. I’ve never seen Jo this aggressive before (well, sexually anyway), and had assumed that Jenna would be the dominant one; however, to see Jo this forceful is driving me wild with hunger. I want to get involved and touch them both, yet I'm really enjoying just watching them. Enjoying my role as voyeur in this unrehearsed drama unfolding before my very eyes. And masturbating while I do so, too.

Jenna’s slender legs are spread apart and I can see her getting wetter the more Jo thrusts her tongue into her mouth before withdrawing it again. A thread of saliva hangs suspended in mid-air and then snaps as each girl goes back for more. Jenna has just grabbed Jo’s hand and is rubbing it against her crotch. They’ve stopped kissing and now just stare at each other. Then Jo rubs her thumb against Jenna’s clitoris, withdraws it and then brings it to her mouth. She sucks on the soaking digit and then does the same again, however this time she twists two fingers inside, before pulling them out. Jenna’s dripping with cum. I can see her juices glistening under the light as Jo holds up her two sticky fingers for a moment and contemplates the juice trickling down her hand. Again she licks it off her fingers then shoves them deep into Jenna before fervently finger-fucking her.

Does it make me feel resentful or insecure that they’re so wrapped up in the moment, so wrapped up in each other that they seem to have forgotten about me? Not at all! In fact, I feel rather privileged to be watching these two women, horny, panting, desperate to touch themselves and each other … and it’s not even on DVD!

Jo brings one of Jenna's breasts to her mouth, and bites gently into the soft flesh. As soon as Jenna moans, Jo pulls the nipple into her mouth and sucks on it noisily – she wants me to know just how much they both are enjoying this.

I cannot hold back any longer.

I kiss the inside of Jenna’s thighs as Jo continues to play with her breasts; she exhales at the touch of my mouth on her flesh. She’s moaning, and pleading with either me, or Jo, or both of us not to stop. So I dig my fingers into her flesh, nipping it every so often with my teeth. This time she tugs on my hair, trying to coax my head towards where she really wants to feel me, but I don’t give in, I jerk my head back. She’s going to have to wait just that bit longer for me to satisfy her.

You may be wondering what on earth I am doing, holding back when I’ve wanted this for so long. [If my mates could see me now they'd probably shout, "What are you waiting for, Barnesy lad?? Chuffin well get up there!,” in disgust]. To be honest, part of me wants to dive in between those strong legs and get a good taste of that sweet parted flesh. To do exactly as she bids me. However, another part of me wants to wait, and wants to make her wait too, for all the times she has fucked with my mind and left me frustrated…
In the meantime, Jo can do something for me.
"Jo, I want you to eat Jenna’s pussy. NOW…" The words break away from my lips so easily, and sound a lot more commanding than I'd intended. Well, what's done is done, let's see how Jo takes to me dictating things a little. Without so much as glancing up at me, Jo starts sliding down Jenna's long body, pausing only to give her nipples a quick squeeze and to run her wet tongue over Jenna's belly. The look on Jenna's face is wild with anticipation. Jo takes her time kissing the inside of Jenna's legs, before wrapping them around her head. Watching me jack off as I watch Jo tongue-fucking her, Jenna grabs the back of Jo's head and presses it further against her. When Jo briefly pulls her head away some time later I can see tiny pools of cum running across her mouth.
I don't believe it's very fair that Jo should be doing all the work. I think Jenna should start pulling her weight…or pulling me off, to be precise. I want to feel that mouth on my cock. Now.


Jenna opens her eyes to find Alex kneeling beside her, purposefully stroking the length of his cock. He begins to wank himself in front of her again. Jenna knows what he wants. So she buries her mouth in his ball area and nuzzles his testicles for a while. He strokes her hair contentedly, she’s doing well. However, she also knows that he’s desperate to feel her lips around his dick. And why should she deny him? Looking up at Alex knowingly, Jenna withdraws her mouth from his balls and licks her lips in anticipation of what comes next. And to tease him, of course. Jenna loves giving head, just as much as she loves having sex. Well, almost. She's made herself wait two long years to taste him, to taste that cock shamelessly sticking out from Alex’s body, waiting to be sucked. She's feeling hot and horny. She's salivating.

Carefully rolling back the foreskin, Jenna rolls her tongue around the head and licks its tender, bulbous flesh, which tastes salty from a sticky blend of sweat and semen. Closing her eyes as she savours the moment, Jenna takes almost all of him into her mouth. The swollen member wedged between her lips is reassuringly warm from the sea of hot blood powerfully pumping away beneath its delicate skin. Jenna can hear Alex grunting brutishly now as he steadily thrusts himself into her mouth. It’s time to give him something else to groan about…

A feeling of nervous excitement creeps into Alex's stomach as he watches Jenna suck on her right forefinger, slide it in between his balls, and then along the perineum. His buttock muscles clench and then relax as Jenna begins to massage around the hole, before working the probing member inside. Then she starts to suck him off again. Having Jenna finger him feels dirty, wrong even, but it feels so good. Never would Alex admit to his friends the fact that he often enjoys a bit of digital penetration now and again. They just wouldn't understand how good it feels to raise the bar, taking sexual pleasure to another level, letting a woman explore your body to the same depths that you explore hers.

It feels too good. Alex feels like he’s about to explode. He wants the real thing. Gently pulling himself away from Jenna’s dexterous mouth, Alex strides over to where Jo is stretched out on the floor and shoves his dick in between her legs. He watches with much satisfaction as Jo moans with pleasure, and he can feel her getting wetter. Jo, loving the attention Alex is now paying her, immediately yields her arse to him, waiting to be fucked. First he rubs the length of his engorged penis against her swollen lips to smother it in the sticky juices, then he spreads her cheeks apart and carefully works his penis inside her.

He pushes Jo away from him so that only the head of his cock lies inside, pulls her towards him by the hips, and plunges his dick further into her arse. The gentle slap of his groin against Jo’s bottom fills the room, and Alex leans in and tells her how dirty she is. It is then that he catches Jenna’s eye. He smiles defiantly at her, now aware that she is playing with herself (given Jo’s attention lies elsewhere) as she watches him masterfully fucking Jo.

Her lips are moving and Alex makes out the words I-Want-You-So-Bad. His initial instinct is to pull away from Jo and walk over to where Jenna is lying to finally satisfy his curiosity, but then it occurs to him that this is the ultimate payback - she'll have to watch him fuck his girlfriend ‘til she comes, first.

And that she does... Jo has been rubbing her clit and working herself to a climax while Alex and Jenna have been absorbed in their mind games. She lets go and her body shudders against Alex until her release is complete.

Alex strokes Jo’s hair and kisses her lightly on her neck. Gently turning her around to face him, he holds Jo and kisses her deeply, which she lovingly reciprocates. He’s sure he’s never loved her more than he does now, and he’s not afraid to express this, even in front of Jenna.
Jenna. The envy in her face is unmistakable as Jo gently breaks away from Alex’s arms and turns towards the other woman to say ‘goodnight’.
“I’ll leave you two to it, “ Jo announces with a cheeky grin, walking towards the living room door. “Try not to make too much noise… I’ll see you both when you come to bed.” With that she closes the door behind her and makes her way to their bedroom.
“So, here we are. Alone. Can’t see any fire alarms going off any time soon,” Alex volunteers surprisingly nervously after some time has passed since Jo’s departure, without him or Jenna saying anything to each other.

He stands up but then isn’t quite sure what to do next, so he just stays rooted to the spot looking very uncomfortable. They stare uncertainly at each other; the anticipation weighs heavily in the air. Finally, Jenna smiles and says, “Will you stop standing there like some big gangly thing and come sit down…by me.”

And so they talk animatedly into the early hours of the morning, holding hands but nothing more. Eventually, Alex digs out an old throw for them to wrap up in, and they fall asleep on the sofa.


“What the-!” Half-asleep and drowsy, Alex is unable to fight off the powerful fiend pinning him against the sofa and…rubbing up against him? His vision clears in the darkness, and Alex makes out the naked silhouette of Jenna straddling him, her pert breasts bobbing gently against his chest.

“What happened to maintaining the mystery between u-?” Alex mumbles, before Jenna forces her breast into his mouth. “Changed my mind!” she shoots back. “Women!” Alex thinks to himself as he takes a hold of Jenna’s buttocks and rubs his now firm cock against her. He’s sloshing in cum which has dribbled down in between her buttocks. He wants her so bad…
Suddenly, Alex thrusts himself inside Jenna.
The feeling is amazing and for a few moments he has to concentrate on not coming inside her right there and then. He closes his eyes to savour the feeling, desperate to make it last for as long as he possibly can. Trying to control the heat he feels gaining momentum below, Alex begins to thrust more slowly; he can hear Jenna whispering his name over and over again as she gently rocks against him. His fingers meet with the fine layer of perspiration clinging to the small of her back as he absent‑mindedly traces a finger along her supple back ever arching into a gentle curve. He wants to satisfy her more than any man has before. He begins to thrust again but more forcefully this time, taking one of her breasts into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily, flicking a finger against her other nipple.

They’re making love. And fucking. Then thrashing. Soon Alex can feel the familiar warmth coming upon him. He wants to hold on until he gets Jenna there too, but it’s too late. It all goes black, he calls out her name, and the ultimate tide of release washes over him as the semen pumps away unstoppably from his body into Jenna…

Summer 2005

Crave No More

They’ve been playing games for several weeks now. Texting erotic messages to each other. Tempting. Teasing. Yet, neither will give in to the yearning that constantly swells down below and then explodes upwards into the pit of their stomach like an unstoppable ball of fire. Now, she breathes raggedly as her finger silkily skims over the moist, sensitive hood of her clitoris and a sharp bolt of sexual pleasure shoots through her body, causing her muscles to tense momentarily.

As she closes her eyes, she imagines him towering over her from behind and gripping her hips with large, strong hands. His eyes are closed as he savours the moment. He nudges her legs apart with a muscular thigh and jerks her head upward by pulling on her hair. Shocked by the pain, she gasps and tries to free her hair from his grasp but he won’t let go. Instead, he grabs her by the neck and squeezes it tightly to keep her still. Defeated, she surrenders her body and waits for him to strike the first blow. Yet, her resistance to this brutality is deceptive. She wants to be dominated, to be taken, to be fucked without mercy; thus, she must play out the role of the naughty, disobedient girl in order to receive her punishment.

All is still, and she’s expecting him to penetrate her vagina. Unbeknownst to her, that’s not his intention. He parts not her vaginal lips but her buttocks and presses the head of his penis against her anus. Her head jerks upwards once more as she screams out ‘No!’ but it’s too late. He has already slipped his penis into her bum and is carefully guiding it inside her. He then becomes more forceful as her rectum contracts to prevent his penetration with little success.
Her body shivers as she slips two of her fingers inside her vagina and pushes and twists them deeper within. Using the other hand, she rolls one of her hardened nipples between her thumb, fore and middle fingers. Returning to her fantasy, she now sees him moaning loudly, banging his pelvis against her round, ample backside and taking out all his sexual frustration on her. He shows no affection and doesn’t care how much pain he inflicts on her. In fact, he enjoys hearing her screaming and begging him to stop, for he knows that deep down she wants it just as much as he does. Curled up and concealed within her pain is a pleasure, so intense and so powerful that it invigorates her tired limbs and spreads like a burning fever throughout her body. As he continues to thrash his pelvis against her, she wildly rubs her clitoris between her fingers until the fever takes over completely…

Her stomach muscles tense as she thrusts her pelvis upwards and throws her head back, screaming as though she were being tortured. She continues to massage her clitoris as the orgasm slowly unfurls like a coil inside her, drawing out the pleasure for as long as she can. Feeling dizzy and exhausted, she slumps back onto the soft, comforting mattress and falls asleep.


It’s 5.05pm, she’s just finished work and the text messages have started again. Her stomach leaps as usual and she feels herself weaken. She stares at the lustful words displayed across her mobile phone screen. She’s had enough. She doesn’t want to play games anymore and decides to call his bluff by going round to his flat.

The entire bus journey is a blur, as is the walk from the bus stop to the housing complex in which he lives. She’s not even sure he’ll be in, but if he isn’t, she’ll wait. Nothing will stop her from fucking him tonight. Nothing. She stands at the entrance to the flats for some time, pressing the buzzer and cursing the day that she met him. A young girl walks out of the building and pushes past without leaving the door open for her. But, still she waits in the hope that he will eventually answer. She buzzes again, and this time hears his voice through the intercom, telling her to come up to the third floor.

As she reaches the top of the stairs, she sees him standing at the door to his apartment with a smirk on his face. Instead of greeting her, he asks why it took her so long to come round. His arrogance makes her angry. It also turns her on. She doesn’t bother answering his question. She just walks past him and enters the flat.

As she approaches the spacious living area, he sneaks up from behind, grabs her roughly by the arms and bundles her into the bedroom despite her protests. Pinning her down firmly to the crimson-coloured luxury four-poster, he kisses her hard on the lips and begins to rub himself up against her. She responds to his violent caresses by wrapping her legs around his waist, and feels his bulging erection pushing against her swollen crutch. They stop and stare at each other, their bodies trembling with desire. He affectionately pushes her hair away from her face and they start to kiss again, longingly, lustfully, desperately. He tenderly sucks on her bottom lip before easing his tongue into her mouth and probing it insistently inside. She moans quietly as she imagines this same wet tongue eagerly caressing her clitoris. He gently presses his tongue against hers and encircles it, before kissing her on the lips once more. They kiss each other harder and faster on the lips as their bodies are overcome by a desperate need for carnal pleasure. They’re both hungry and longing for one another. They have come together tonight to taste one another, to eat one another, to feed off each other’s sexual appetite until they crave no more.

She doesn’t protest as he yanks down the straps of her top and hungrily plants a series of lustful, wet kisses all over her neck, collarbone and shoulders whilst stroking her chest with his soft, manly hands. She can feel the juices oozing from her vagina and trickling down between her buttocks as he continues to kiss and caress her. Her nipples are hard. She wants him to touch them, to lick them, to suck them. Suddenly, she grabs his hands and scrunches them against her breasts, which momentarily startles him. Only then does he notice the wild, reckless look in her eyes. He’s often questioned the extent of her desire for him, now he knows for sure. He’s tired of playing games and so is she. What they feel for each other is pure, unadulterated passion, and nothing will stop them from fucking tonight. Nothing.

As they start to kiss again, she arches her back so that he can unclip her lacy, black bra. He willingly puts his arms around her back and after several seconds unhooks the bra, which he yanks from around her shoulders. As he does so, he scratches her flesh and she draws blood. She doesn’t notice, he doesn’t care.

He pauses to take in the sight of her smooth, naked flesh, before cupping her soft, ample breasts in his hands and rubbing them sensually. She throws her head back and closes her eyes, unable to hide the pleasure that she feels at the touch of his hands on her breasts. He lightly squeezes her nipples and then applies more pressure, sending a wave of explosive ripples of desire around her curvy body. She spasms with delight as he brings her left breast to his mouth and encircles the swollen nipple with his hot, wet tongue, which he then rapidly flicks over the nipple. Desperately, she reaches out her right hand and frantically rubs his throbbing manhood, which is straining against the restrictive material of his jeans.

Suddenly, he stops sucking on her breasts and straddles her, clamping her legs between his thighs. There’s no going back now. There’s no escape. He watches her writhing impatiently, desperately, on the bed as first, he unbuckles his belt, and then he undoes the zip. The engorged flesh tumbles out of his trousers. This is too much for her. She frees her legs from his grip so that she can lift up her skirt, and holds the material of her silky, black thong to one side, before massaging her aching clitoris, ensuring that she is completely exposed to him.

After taking off his trousers, he kneels between her legs, pulls his erect and throbbing penis from out of his underpants and grips it tightly in his hand. She watches as he repeatedly runs his palm along the length of the shaft so that the flesh reaches its full extent, and then fiercely slides it back down again. She can see how badly he wants to fuck her, but she won’t give in. She’ll make him wait. She’ll play with him first.

Arching an eyebrow and maintaining eye contact with him, she slips first one finger and then two inside of her vagina, whilst using her other forefinger to stroke the hood of her clitoris, knowing the effect that this will have on him. He closes his eyes momentarily, then gazes at her fingers frantically probing away inside her vagina, before closing his eyes again out of sheer weakness.

He finds it increasingly difficult to masturbate as the sound of the juices flowing between her legs gets louder and louder in the quiet room. All he can think of is sliding his rock hard penis inside her wet vagina and feeling her walls clamp against him. Still rubbing one hand along the length of the throbbing member, he runs his forefinger over the swollen hood of her clitoris and along the labia. He cannot delay penetration any longer. He gently pushes her backwards and lies between her silky, smooth legs, which she wraps tightly around his waist. He gazes into her eyes and then strokes her cheek. Smiling to himself, he realises that she is more beautiful than anyone, than anything he’s ever seen.

They kiss and caress each other slowly in anticipation of the moment that has occupied their thoughts for so long. As they continue to stare into each other’s eyes, he starts to stroke her vaginal entrance with his penis. She gasps. He stops. He’s teasing her. She’s loving it. Then he does it again, withdrawing his penis from the parted flesh each time she tries to align her pelvis with his so that he can penetrate her. The teasing continues for a few moments longer until suddenly he slips his penis into her warm, wet delta, and thrusts, tentatively at first and then roughly.

She closes her eyes and moans loudly and deeply as he pins down her hands to the bed and continues to thrash his penis against her soft and sensitive walls. He has an angry, determined look on his face, as if he intends to hurt her seriously. His body trembles as he feels the heat rising from the pit of his stomach to his head, which feels light and dizzy. Fucking and loving. Sweating and suffocating. He feels intoxicated by the natural, sensual smell of her body, which covers him, clings to him, like a second skin.

She too is struggling to breathe. She’s suffocating as the fire that is her passion for him burns inside of her, reaches up to the back of her throat and constricts her breath. Moans, gasps and whispers are the only sounds to escape from her mouth, as her emotions fluctuate between pleasurable distress and passionate fury with every blow he strikes inside her.

The struggle for sexual supremacy intensifies as he grabs her roughly by the calves and tightly holds one leg against his chest, and then the other, plunging his engorged wood further, deeper into her sexual cavity. She cries out both in pain and pleasure as he relentlessly stabs at her sensitive walls, which are lined with sexual electricity, causing sparks of uncontrollable desire to shoot up into her pelvis. She beats her pelvis against his in retaliation, daring him, provoking him to fuck her even harder.

So continues their long and satisfying power struggle, a battle to see who will be the first to weaken and allow the tide of sexual release to wash over them. His pelvis crashes down on hers once more; however, he has inflicted one hit too many on her body and she’s now only seconds away from a body-wrenching orgasm. She bites and scratches his bare flesh in utter frustration as the indomitable orgasm shoots through her body like a bolt of lightening and explodes like a volcanic eruption. Unable to withstand the need for release any longer, he too yields to the frenzied orgasm that sweeps through his powerful body and bellows victoriously, as the hot semen swiftly surges from his throbbing penis and powerfully gushes inside her.

Winter 2002

Over the edge

She’d been watching him all night, when he danced, when he smiled, when he spoke. She had tried her best not to make it too obvious that she fancied him, afraid that everyone else in the room could read her raunchy thoughts. The music was good but she wasn’t in the mood for dancing. She just wanted to bed him. Now they were fast approaching the end of the night and here he was sitting down next to her and rolling up a cigarette. She tried to look as cool and uninterested as possible, but felt herself melt whenever he looked up and grinned at her. She watched him as he carefully dropped the tobacco into the Rizla paper and evened it out lengthways. What wouldn’t she give to feel those strong, manly hands all over her body?

Closing her eyes she pictured him expertly unhooking her bra then dragging the straps from around her shoulders as he kissed her neck passionately. She began to breathe a little more heavily as she imagined him gently cupping her breasts in those same hands and rubbing her nipples until they were rock hard, before drawing them hungrily into his mouth.

“…do you know what I mean?”

As she opened her eyes, she saw him grinning at her again. She hadn’t heard a word he’d said so she just smiled and nodded nervously in agreement, aware of the honey oozing between her legs. When he’d returned his attention back to his roll-up, she turned her body away from him slightly and looked in the opposite direction to hide the sexual desire that was written all over her face. She imagined him lying between her legs, his hands stroking the inside of her thighs, perilously close to her warm and wet opening where one touch could easily send her over the edge…

He’d begun to think she wasn’t interested in what he was saying as she hadn’t uttered a word during the last five minutes (and she’d nodded when he’d asked her a question). She was just staring at the wall to their left with a faraway look on her face. Good, this meant he could have a proper look at her without being caught out.

He swept a horny glance over her body. Her nipples were erect and showing through her flimsy top. If only they weren’t in a club, how he’d pull up that top and suck on those nipples! He was now glad he’d chosen to wear black trousers as his hardening penis was beginning to make an outline in his pants. He was about to look away when she uncrossed and then crossed her legs once more, thus drawing his attention to them. Long powerful-looking legs that glistened under the light, and which he’d love to drape over his shoulders. Her skirt was riding up her thighs, thus revealing even more of her tempting, enticing flesh. He just wanted to bury his head between those thighs and clamp them against his head. He needed to take his mind off having sex with her, and quickly. Relieved that he’d just rolled a cigarette, he hastily shoved it between his lips and lit up.

Aware that she hadn’t said anything for ages, she began to talk idly, not daring to look him in the eye in case she gave herself away. What’s the first sign of attraction? Babbling on about nothing, which was exactly what she was doing. She needed an excuse to leave the table, so she announced that she was going to the bar and asked if he’d like a drink. Glad that he’d said ‘yes, she eagerly walked over to the bar and bought the drinks but when she returned he wasn’t there.

Feeling very disappointed, she made her way towards the ladies’ when a large hand grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her into the gents’. She was then bundled into a cubicle. Not giving her a chance to offer resistance to his advances, he yanked up her skirt and pulled down her thong to expose her vagina. After she draped a leg over his shoulder, he parted her vaginal lips with his thumbs and began to lick the tip of her clitoris, ever so slowly, using the tip of his tongue. He was amazed at how big and swollen it was already, ready and waiting for him. He sucked on her clitoris slowly, moaning quietly as he did so and tugging on his enlarged penis. He felt her shiver each time his hot, wet tongue darted in and out of her pussy, and her leg muscles continually tightened and then relaxed again. It was not long before she was thrusting her vagina into his willing mouth, so much so that he had to hold on to her buttocks tightly in order to taste her properly. He then touched his penis – swollen and throbbing, it felt like it was about to burst.

He stood up abruptly and, without saying a word, spun her around so that she was facing the wall. Nudging her legs apart with his muscular thigh, he held on to her hips and closed his eyes to savour the feeling of his stiff, thick penis penetrating her wet hole. He probed her vagina slowly, and then quickly withdrew to her vaginal entrance, teasing her by giving her a bit more of his penis each time he re-entered her. As they were alone, he could hear his penis sliding in and out of her dripping fanny, and he loved this. He pulled her down to the floor and then re-entered her, after which his thrusts became faster and more violent. Her moans were breathless and her head kept bobbing up and down, as did her ample, round backside, the more he threw himself against her. There was a loud bang as she slammed both of her hands up against the wall for support. He immediately slid his fingers in between hers and held them tightly. He was about to climax but wouldn’t do so until she had come.

He tirelessly pounded away at her vagina until suddenly, she threw her head upwards and screamed out aloud, losing all control over her body, which shook erratically. She recklessly thrashed her pelvis against his, which sent him over the edge. The orgasm that had been welling up inside of him began to erupt. He felt the hot semen rush to the tip of his penis and the usual light-headedness swept through him. The tingling in his fingers became a burning sensation and a loud moan broke from his lips as the hot semen gushed from his penis...

Summer 2002

As she leant...

As she leant across the hi-fi to adjust its aerial, he could not help but notice her cute, pert little arse in her tight, well-cut jeans.

He couldn’t help himself.

Walking up behind her, he softly gripped her buttocks and, whispering softly into her ear, said:

“You know, I really do like the way your bum looks in those jeans…”

Reaching behind her, she grabbed his hands, pulled them up to the top of her waist remarking that her bum ‘had a long way to drop’, and then pulled his hands along the length of her bum until his fingertips brushed against her vaginal lips. “What do you think?” she asked him nervously as she heard his breathing quicken.

He didn’t answer her question, for at the moment, he felt a surge of blood rush through his penis and it stiffened a little.

They stood motionless, silent, each waiting for the other to make the next move. She felt tense and awkward, not knowing if she’d gone too far but then again, he could have withdrawn his hand if he’d wanted to.

Slowly, she began to lean backwards into him, and instantly she felt his penis stiffen in his trousers. She started to make circular movements with her hips, pushing herself against his hardened wood; his face contorted as he pushed it against her in turn, hungrily, desperately. He synchronised the movement of his hips with hers. She leant backwards even further, making him bear all of her body weight; she then reached both hands above her head and hung them loosely around his neck. He, in turn, slid his hands to the front of her trousers and began to massage her clitoris. They were breathing heavily and their gyrations became faster and more frenetic.

He reached his left hand up inside her top and pulled her right breast from out of her bra, while the other hand remained clamped between her legs. She threw her head back as he squeezed and rubbed her nipple that swelled and hardened, sensitive to his touch. It wasn’t enough for her to feel his penis against her in his pants; she wanted to touch it, to hold it, to feel its flesh against hers.

She unwrapped her arms from around his neck and carefully began to undo the buttons on his jeans. As they stood still, he ran his wet tongue over the back of her neck and kissed it softly. The silence was then broken as he gasped suddenly; she’d slid her hand inside his trousers and had freed his enlarged, throbbing penis from his constricting boxer shorts. Solid and swollen, she felt it respond to her touch.

She began to massage his penis, rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger, but that wasn’t enough. She wanted this baby in her mouth. Suddenly, she stopped playing with his cock and turned round to face him. He frowned, widening his eyes as he thought ‘what is she playing at?’ She just gave him a sly smile, kissed him softly on the lips and slowly slumped to a kneeling position. Having helped him step out of his boxer shorts, she then proceeded to run her hands along his muscular legs, giving his thighs an extra squeeze, kneading the firm, sweaty flesh with her fingers. Seconds later, she took his penis in her mouth and began to suck on it gently. He closed his eyes to concentrate on this incredible, intense sensation as she ran her soft, full, wet lips from the base of his penis to its head, which she licked greedily. She could feel him gently tugging on her hair as she took even more of his engorged wood into her mouth. He thrust his penis faster, further into her mouth as she began to play with his testicles, his eyes shut tight and his lips slightly apart, his breathing unsteady.

Having his dick in her mouth turned her on so much that it wasn’t long before she undid her trouser zip and slid her hand inside her knickers – she needed to touch herself so badly. She began to moan quietly as she sucked on his penis which she gripped firmly with one hand while with the other she rubbed her clit.

She couldn’t stop herself and soon came all over her fingers, her body shuddering as the mind-blowing sensation of this self-induced orgasm left her clitoris and spread upwards towards her belly.

He didn’t take his eyes off her when her eyelids closed and her body shook. Nor did he look away when she slid her lips off his penis as a huge moan broke from her mouth.

Instead, he gripped his cock in his right hand and began to wank himself frenziedly until he felt his whole body tremble as the forceful gush of semen surged from his penis and dispersed into tiny, little droplets that clung to her face, shoulders and breasts…

Winter 2001